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About Us


Greatpup is company based out of Clarksville VA.

Our Philosophy

We believe all dogs deserve the best – the best care, safety and fun. Greatpup is dedicated to helping you love and spoil your dog because we believe every dog deserves it. We have three dogs, Zoe, Coal and Bill that make our lives complete with laughter, love and joy.  We want your dog to have the best life possible. That means healthy and natural dog treats and dog chews with no presservatives, grain free and grass feed. Our fun, safe and non-toxic dog toys are made in the USA. Our cozy and comfortable dog bed duvets are eco-friendly made right here in the USA. We believe in carrying only the top quality supplies for your dog at great prices. We will never carry anything that can and will harm your dog like shock and metal collars, poor quality dog treats, plush toys that your pet can ingest.  We will continue to provide you with the latest trends in dog care.  We provide you with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. Make us your favorite dog supply store and know that you are supporting a store that is dedicated to your dog's well being.


Our Story

We have had dogs as part of our family for 22 years and have always struggled in finding products that were healthy and safe for our dogs. When we first started raising dogs we were uneducated about the products that many of the change stores carried in the dog sections. We would buy these products and our dogs would get sick. On two occasions our dog had to have surgery to remove poly fill from his stomach because he ate the stuffing out of the plush toys, $1,000 dollars later he was as good as new. In the search for quality dog products we discovered that it was not easy to find grain free, grass feed and free range dog treats. Finding plush toys without polyfill was next to impossible so we just didn't buy anything. We have labs and if you have ever had a lab or know anyone who does you also know they can destroy ANY dog chew. I can't tell you how many different types of dog chews that we bought and within minutes were in pieces in the garbage can. Over time we came across some really great companies. It was at that point we decide to put all the great companies together in one store greatpup.com. So others like yourself could come and browse and find all your pets needs in one place knowing that they are all tested right here in my home with three labs.. We hope that you find our site easy to use and that we meet your dogs needs. Please feel free to contact us with any products you would like to see us carry or other suggestions. We are here for you and your dog. Peggy and Todd Blocker


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